InnoSyn offers a team of passionate & experienced problem solvers, applying innovative and cost-efficient technologies such as flow chemistry, bio- and chemocatalysis, to advance competitiveness of our customers across the (fine) chemical industries.

Whether you are looking for i. a scalable route to produce your new chemical compound of interest, or ii. facing challenges on your cost of goods of your current products, or iii. looking for manufacturing capacity for your specific chemical product or enzyme, InnoSyn can deliver you the unique value creating solution based on our over 25 years of experience.

Mission statement

We are the innovative partner using state-of-the-art-technology in the research and development of new and existing chemical processes

Our approach

InnoSyn provides services for all phases of process/product/technology development starting from idea generation all the way to running business. We have a proven track record in delivering best-in-class solutions by integration of multidisciplinary teams in every aspect of our services.

History & Markets

The over 25 years of experience and history as chemical R&D group at DSM (both fundamental research & chemical process design) has resulted in a broad synthetical competence base, using the most innovative technologies in e.g. biocatalysis, chemocatalysis and flow chemistry. New routes to a wide range of chemicals for all kind of markets have been successfully developed and implemented.


Pharma Intermediates
and API’S

Flavor & Fragrances

Specialty Chemicals

Performance Chemicals

Food Additives



Specialty Chemicals

Fuel Additives

Functional Monomers

Biobased Monomers

Our Team

Daniel Mink
David Hyett
Ruben van Summeren
Iwona Kaluzna
Commercial Director
Rinus Broxterman
Advisory Board